Excavation of C17-C19 Settlement S of Castle Hill

Description of this historic site

Archaeological excavation revealed evidence for a settlement dating to the Imperial period south of Castle Hill, Warwick. The evidence included a cess pit, a house platform, cellars and former roads.

Notes about this historic site

1 1980: Excavation in advance of redevelopment located on Site D a 17th-18th century cesspit and structures of 18th-19th century date including a house platform possibly associated with the vanished road ‘Back Hills’. Cellars of former houses along Back Hills can be seen in the 18th century rock-cut road. Two 18th century stone quarry pits were located on Site B. Levelling converted the area into a garden, burying two roads and involving the demolition of some houses, some remains being thrown into the quarry pits. Archaeological survival was poor.
2 Plan.

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