Site of Possible Roman Settlement at Quarry

Description of this historic site

The possible site of a Roman settlement. Roman coins and a possible hearth were found during quarrying. The site is located 500m north east of Halford.

Notes about this historic site

1 A field called ‘The Stones’ has long been worked as a quarry. Potter recorded the recollections of the parish road man who died in 1905 concerning the quarry. When the quarry was closer to the Fosse it was not unusual for diggers to find bones and sometimes coins. Some years before 1912 a coin was found associated with cinders in a pit dug into the natural bedrock. In 1889 a ‘fireplace’ was exposed and the section was drawn. It was a pit 0.23m deep and 0.46m in diameter. The pit contained a layer of dark soil and charcoal in the bottom, but no pottery.
2 Potter also considered that Anglo-Saxon burials came from this site, although a site closer to Halford Bridge is more likely.
3 Coins of Gallienus, Probus etc from ‘The Stones’. These were in the possession of Mr T S Potter according to J H Bloom.

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