Earthworks north of Bubbenhall

Description of this historic site

Earthworks north of Bubbenhall church. Possibly settlement remains, watermeadow or land drains.

Notes about this historic site

1 Photograph recorded on back as a “View from church tower shewing old settlement foundations? 4/93 SP358726”
2 “This site suggested by Dave Adams as settlement remains. Outside chance it is a water meadow but position on ‘land liable to flood’ (OS C19) makes it more likely that it could be relatively recent drains??”
3 If this is a settlement it is well defined with rectangular enclosures and appears to overlie ridge and furrow in the north west corner. Therefore dated to medieval to imperial period. Do not see that ‘land liable flood rules out water meadow and on map ditch running through the centre of this area has been taken off to north east rather than joining river to south via shortest route as might be expected. Suggests a leat for flooding meadow.
4This is a water meadow. Lidar imnage shows clear evidence of irrigation channels coming from main ‘leat’. Remains are well preserved.

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