Butlers Marston Medieval Settlement

Description of this historic site

The possible extent of the medieval settlement of Butlers Marston as suggested by the first edition Ordnance Survey map of 1886.

Notes about this historic site

< 1>The possible extent of the medieval village, based on the first edition 6″ map, 51 NE 1886.

2 In Tremlow Hundred in the Domesday survey, [grid ref 3150];
Ref 18,2 (Land of Hugh of Grandmesnil) in [Butlers] Marston 10 hides. Land for 10 ploughs. In lordship 3; 6 male and 2 female slaves. 30 villagers and 2 smallholders with a priest have 7 ploughs. 2 mills at 11s. 2 Frenchmen and 2 burgesses in Warwick who pay 16d. The value was £10; now £15. Baldwin held it freely.

3 Domesday indicates a large and valuable village. There is a difference in grid reference between this monument (3249) and that given in the Phillimore text (3150) which suggests that there may have been more settlement to the northwest. In the first edition 1886 map, almost all the settlement is concentrated east of the main north/south axis.This map also shows lots of empty or orcharded small fields or deserted plots. The church is C12th or earlier, there is a deserted medieval village to the southeast (WA4464) and medieval fishponds to the south (2011).

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