Site of Windmill at Windmill Naps, Tanworth in Arden.

Description of this historic site

There is documentary evidence to suggest that this may have been the site of a windmill during the Medieval period. The location was at Windmill Nap, Ladbrookpark.

Notes about this historic site

1 A windmill must have existed on the W edge of the parish in ‘Wynmelfelde’ (now Windmill Naps).
2 The site was not located.
3 There is also a probable windmill mound, 30m across, which is now buried in woodland between Tylers Grove and Ladbrookpark Coppice in the area which was once a field called Windmill Naps. (In 1373 there was a Wynmelfelde hereabouts.) As windmills were often placed close to woods to channel the wind towards the mill in East Anglia, this mound may show that the wood (or both woods) and a functioning mill existed at the same time

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