Deserted Medieval Village at Drakenage Farm

Description of this historic site

Earthworks indicate the site of a deserted settlement of Medieval date. The site is situated 300m north east of Drakenage Farm.

Notes about this historic site

1 Twelve people were evicted from the hamlet of Drakenage in 1497.
2 The name in various forms occurs from 1183 onwards.
3 Marked as a depopulated place.
4 Air cover shows ridge and furrow to E of Drakenage Farm and arable land to the S. Immediately N of the moat and next to the road, and SW of the farmhouse, are disturbed areas suggesting desertion but ground inspection proved them to be too vague for positive identification.
5 A complex of rectangular ditched enclosures seems to represent paddocks rather than crofts.
6 Documentary evidence is not particularly good and it is impossible to assess the size and population of the village before depopulation. Details of the history of the village given.
7An enclosure, centred on SP2247 9557 is visible on satellite imagery. It is presumably part of the system of rectangular paddock ditches identified by Bond in 5.

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