Site of Kingston Deserted Medieval Settlement

Description of this historic site

The site of the deserted settlement of Kingston, dating to the Medieval period, which is known from documentary evidence. The remains of houses are visible on aerial photographs as earthworks. It is located 900m south east of the church, Chesterton.

Notes about this historic site

1 Deserted village of Kingston (alias Chesterton Parva). ‘Town Field’ in Tithe Award and Place Names MS. In 1946 two fields called ‘Little Town’ and ‘Old Town’ were both under grass, but the sites of houses could be clearly seen and there was a possible windmill mound. Thirteen tenants named in the rental of 1368. Rous alleges depopulation here, which limits the date of destruction to 1462-90. In 1634 it was a hamlet with one house.
2 Medium archaeology (B). Excellent historical sources (1*).
3 The site is indicated by aerial photographs. A considerable area of disturbance exists but the earthworks are now entirely amorphous.
4 The earthworks of many vanished buildings cover the slope of the close named ‘Grazing Towne’ on a 1697 estate map.
5 Air photograph.

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