Poss. D.M.V. at Coton

Description of this historic site

A possible Medieval deserted settlement of Chilvers Coton which is suggested by documentary evidence.

Notes about this historic site

1 Coton Deserted Medieval Village, centered on Coton Arches roundabout, extends towards the church.
2 The site of the original village, including the church, is where a road running south from Nuneaton to Bedworth is crossed by one running west from Attleborough to Heath End, from which place another road leads south to the hamlet of Griff. At the beginning of the C17 the records of Chilvers Coton contain many references to mills. There was a water-mill on the lands of the Hospitallers in 1541, and in 1556 there was also a windmill, the property of Edward Scarminge.
3 Letter about possible sites.
4 In COLESHILL Hundred. Harold son of Earl Ralph holds CHILVERS (COTON) from the king. 8 hides. Land for 10 ploughs. In lordship half a plough; 9 slaves; 15 villagers and 7 smallholders with 7 ploughs. Meadow, 3 furlongs long and 1 wide; woodland 1.5 leagues long and 1 league wide. The value was 40; now 50. His father held it.
5 Map.

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