Coughton Mill

Description of this historic site

Coughton Mill, a watermill for which there are documentary records from the Medieval period. It was disused by the late 19th century and was later demolished, but watercourses and building foundations remain. The mill was situated 300m south east of Coughton Court.

Notes about this historic site

1 There was a mill in 1086 and an isolated reference to 2 mills occurs in 1370. Coughton mill, which stood by the Arrow, SE of the Court, was pulled down within living memory and traces of it can still be seen.
2 Information exists on ownership for the 19th century. The mill is marked on the 1886 OS map as disused and seems to have been demolished early this century. At the site the watercourses are still intact, but of the buildings only foundations remain.
3 Photographed in 1978.

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