Coleshill Pillory

Description of this historic site

Coleshill pillory, a wooden frame with holes for the offender's neck and wrists, which dates back to the Medieval period. The pillory also has stocks attached and acted as a whipping post. Originally situated in front of the Market Hall it is now on Church Street, Coleshill.

Notes about this historic site

1 The pillory stood in front of the Market Hall, which was demolished in 1865, when the pillory was moved to its present location. It has a post about 4.6m high with a turned moulded head, a platform or standing board and a transom with holes for the heads and hands of two persons. Lower are the shackles for whipping and at the foot one of the former pair for the stocks.
2 The pillory is unique in Warwickshire, and almost the whole country, because it has a three-fold combination of pillory, whipping post and stocks. It was last used in 1863.
4 Photographed in 1977.

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