RB Ditch at Old House, Watling St

Description of this historic site

The site of a ditch, which may be Roman in date, was recorded in Witherley Road, Mancetter

Notes about this historic site

1 Four foundation trenches were excavated. A ditch seen in trench A, and partially in trench C, runs parallel to the NW end of the defensive bank which encloses Manduessedum. Although the absence of any contemporary dating evidence in its earliest fills casts doubt on it being of Roman origin, it is not entirely unreasonable to think that it was regularly and thoroughly cleansed during the forts occupation. If it were considered part of the defences, the total width of the defences would exceed 22m. The evidence suggests that the NW end of the defensive earthwork of Manduessedum comprised multiple ditches, possibly with an outer bank, which survived in some form until the Post Medieval period.

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