Bedworth Mill, N of Collycroft

Description of this historic site

The site of Bedworth Mill, a watermill which was built during the Imperial period. It was later used as a silk mill during the Imperial period. The mill was situated 300m north of Collycroft.

Notes about this historic site

1 A worsted mill was built here by Sir Robert Newdigate in the 18th century. The mill was converted to silk spinning in the early 19th century, but all the machinery and the old waterwheel were removed by 1849. The buildings were leased to Daniel Rowbotham in 1861. By 1886, the building was in poor condition. The buildings stood until the 1950’s when they were demolished in the course of redevelopment. The majority of the water supply to the waterwheels came from a leat cut from the canal system. The water was carried over Collycroft Locks on an aquaduct to reach the mill. The tail races ran underground to return the water to the canal below the locks. Additional water for the mill was provided by a small stream.
2 Coventry Canal was opened in 1790 so the mill must date to after the period of its construction, say 1785 at the earliest

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