Anti-Aircraft Battery, Goodrest Farm

Description of this historic site

A ruined building which was formerly a Second World War anti aircraft battery. It lies 100 metres to the south of Rouncil Lane, near Goodrest Cottages.

Notes about this historic site

1 World War II Anti Aircraft Battery in good state of preservation at this location.
2 1948 AP shows 4 gun emplacements, central command post and two unidentified structures. Accommodation to north of site (see WA 8293).
3 The site was known as H25 in the Coventry Gun Defended Area.
4 It was numbered H25 and had four static 3.7′ HAA guns in place with a GL Mk II radar.
5 I have recorded conversations with two ex-ATS personel who were on the site in 1943-44. 477 and 488 HAA batteries RA.
6 The command post and four gun emplacements remain standing whilst two other major buildings seen in the aerial photographs have either been demolished or removed.
7 Documented as first mentioned in 1942 and equipped with 4 x 3.7 static AA guns and GL Mk III fire control radar.

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