Working at the Healey Showroom

The Healey showroom in the early 1980s.
Warwickshire County Record Office reference PH1272/686


RB: Well, the layout of the building.  Up in the upper parts where the projector would have been once was the Drawing Office where Barry Bilbie sat at his board and with his drawings and as you came down the building, the next floor down was the Accounts Department where Joe Cooper who was the Company Secretary had his office and Donald has his office next door to Joe Cooper’s. Then the next floor down was the Stores and a couple of offices there and the Accounts Department, Fred Draper’s office and then below that you came on to the Sales Showroom area where there were four or five offices and the showroom.  The walls were draped in various photographs of historic Healey moments, land speed record attempts and cups and things were all displayed in a glass cabinet.

I: So it was quite a big concern, a lot of people –

RB: Yes, I’ve never actually counted them up how many employees there were there but I think there were probably more chiefs than Indians.

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