Visits to Nanny in Luddington

Milcote Station (near Luddington) in 1966
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From the age of about four we used to go and visit Nanny every Sunday for dinner and we used to go to the farm opposite, Boddington Farm I think. We used to go over there and help milk the cows and help get the food in and clean the cow pens out. To add to this, we used to ride the bull here too. Also, we went to Luddington church, to the Sunday school. We also used to go scrumping (nicking apples) down by the river locks. At age 11, we used to go strawberry picking at the Luddington Experimental Farm.

The Brundles’ shop

I used to work in Luddington when I was older, in a little shop that was owned by the Brundles and I used to go and fill the shelves for them as a little job. Also, sometimes I would serve the customers. We were working from when we were about 10, my sister and I. WE used to collect honey from the bees and paddle in the river Avon, when it was good weather. We used to play in the dell and feed the swans. My dad at Cramhill, he had a little smallholding and we had a little holding pen.

Waving to the train drivers

The trains used to run by the bottom of our garden and we used to wave to the train drivers passing by. We used to play Poohsticks over the bridge as well. We’d drop them one side and race across the track to the other side and watch the sticks float out the other side. We went building treehouses and trees.

The Luddington fete used to be held opposite the Boddington farm. One year, I entered the fancy dress competition dressed as a pea pod, a costume made my mother, and won 1st prize!

This story was created as part of an intergenerational digital inclusion project, in conjunction with Orbit Heart of England, with the assistance of students from Stratford Girls’ Grammar School.

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