Reframing Sheldon

Art inspired by a tapestry

Produced by Heritage & Culture Warwickshire and supported by Warwick District Council, the Reframing Sheldon project aims to explore how digital arts and creative technologies can be used to shed new light on the Warwickshire Museum collections and sites. Using the Sheldon Tapestry as a focal point, three digital artists have been commissioned to create new artworks using digital practices in response to the tapestry.

The Sheldon Tapestry

The Sheldon Tapestry is one of four map tapestries commissioned in 1570 by Ralph Sheldon to decorate his home, Weston House, in Warwickshire. The Warwickshire map (currently on display in Market Hall Museum) is the only one to remain complete, after the others were damaged during the Civil War. As one of the key collection items in Market Hall Museum, it is fitting that this striking tapestry has become the focus of a new creative project1.

Art inspired by the tapestry

Two of the artworks have been made in collaboration with children and young people as part of a programme of community engagement. This included workshops with participants from the Children In Care Council (CiCC) and a tree climbing day in Brandon Marsh with young carers from Warwickshire. The ‘Canopy’ shown normally has films of these young people up trees projected on to it.

1 Please remember that the Market Hall Museum will be closing shortly for refurbishment.

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