Lock Keeper's Cottage at Lowsonford

Lock keeper's (lengthsman's) cottage at Lowsonford
Anne Langley

This charming cottage stands beside Ned’s lock on the Stratford-upon-Avon canal. It was built around 1812 for a former lock-keeper, or lengthsman, who would have been responsible for operating the lock and maintaining the adjacent length of canal. The barrel-shaped roof was created from the form used in building a nearby canal bridge. The Fleur de Lys pub nearby is the original source of the famous Fleur de Lys pies.

The Landmark Trust

The cottage is now owned by the Landmark Trust, which lets it out as a self-catering holiday home for up to four people. The lock is called after Ned Taylor who was born in this cottage in 1921 (as part of a family with eleven children); he was a life tenant of the cottage. The siting of a statue by Antony Gormley close by has attracted more visitors to this delightful spot.

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