Washford Bridge

Description of this historic site

Washford Bridge, a bridge accross the River Arrow which was built during the Post Medieval period. It was replaced in the by a concrete bridge in the 1920s. The bridge is located to the south of Washford on the line of the Roman road Ryknild Street.

Notes about this historic site

1 Washford Bridge crosses the River Arrow on the line of the Roman road Ryknild Street. The location of the Roman river crossing is uncertain; it was most likely to be in the same place, but may have lain to the north west. Washford Bridge is first listed as a county bridge in 1819. Repairs are recorded in 1839. The bridge was rebuilt in ferro-concrete in1923-4.

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2 If Ryknild Street crosses the Arrow at this point, the ford is probably older than the Post Medieval period.

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