Tripontium 'Low Level' Site

Description of this historic site

An area of the Roman settlement of Tripontium known as the 'low level' site. This area of the settlement has been destroyed by gravel extraction. Finds from the site included fragments of pottery, building material and coins. The site was located 800m south west of Shawell.

Notes about this historic site

1 This is called the ‘Low Level’ site. In 1925 quarrying for excavation started here. A Y-shaped road was constructed and 0.49m of soil removed revealing a Roman occupation layer. Everywhere a geat amount of building material and pottery was found. Several skeletons were also found, one associated with a jar. Coins were found from time to time and given to visitors. A drainage trench was dug which showed that the occupation area was only close to the road; material indicating occupation extended 78m S of the railway line and not more than 19.6m from Watling Street. The majority of the pottery found, as well as a stone quern and a piece of two-handled amphora, was kept on the quarry site.
3 Excavation report.

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