Site of Possible Round Barrow 200m NE of Hill Farm

Description of this historic site

The site of a possible round barrow, a mound of earth usually built to conceal a burial. The barrow probably would have dated to the Bronze Age. The site lies 200m west of Finham Green.

Notes about this historic site

1 Hill Farm, Finham. Neolithic/Bronze Age tumulus. This ploughed-out mound was found to be outside the land take of the Kenilworth Bypass. A drainage trench in 1932 produced a Bronze Age pygmy urn (MWA 2883).
2 No trace of the mound was visible and the field could not be walked because of crops.
3 A drain trench ran across the possible Bronze Age barrow. The site was marked by a layer of clay over natural gravel 20m across, but no barrow ditch was visible, no finds were recovered, and a ridge in the surface appeared to be linear rather than moundlike. This casts some doubt on the identification of the site as a barrow.

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