Site of Possible Manor House at Bury Orchard

Description of this historic site

The site of a possible manor house dating to between the Medieval and Post Medieval period. It is known from documentary evidence which refers to Berry House in 1625 and from the discovery of the foundations of a large building. The site is at Bury Orchard, Southam.

Notes about this historic site

1 The manor of Southam belonged to Coventry Priory, and the Grange or Manor House, in all probability, stood in what is now called the Bury Orchard, a name highly suggestive of a Burgh Mote or Manor Court. This was borne out by the discovery of extensive foundations some years ago on that site, clearly indicating the existence of a building of considerable size and importance. A deed still preserved in the church chest partly describing such a mansion on the occasion of the Division of the Manor many years subsequent to the Reformation.
2 The indicated area has now been landscaped as a recreation ground.
3 Site of Berry House. Recorded in 1625 as Berry Close and Berry House. Bury Orchard recorded in 1761. 1854 the churchyard was extended into Bury Orchard. 1923 the land was conveyed to the Parish Council for use as a recreation ground. Lewis in 1835 records the discovery of foundations and many skeletons.

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