Site of Moat 100m NW of Glebe Farm, Aston Cantlow.

Description of this historic site

The site of a Medieval moat, a large ditch usually surrounding a building. It is visible as a cropmark on aerial photographs. The moat is situated west of Burbage Road, Aston Cantlow.

Notes about this historic site

1 In the field known as Parsons Close, in the W angle of the road junction opposite Glebe Farm, there is a large rectangular moated enclosure where foundations were still visible in 1849.
2 The feature is visible on APs as a nearly square moat with an associated ditch running N and then W from it. It has recently been filled in. Bulldozing operations on what was the island have revealed a fair amount of undressed limestone and some roofing tiles of probable 18th century date.
3 Is this the site of Aston Cantlow Castle?
4 Plan shows a subrectangular moated enclosure with an additional rectangular enclosure to the N.
5 By the tradition of the inhabitants there was a castle S of the church, but its moat and banks are now so levelled that there is scarcely any trace of it.
6 No traces survive.
8 Dugdale’s statement could suggest that this, rather than PRN 1568, is the site of Aston Cantlow Castle, but the site N of the church is perhaps the more convincing.
9The site shows up (abeit faint) on lidar (Bryn Gethin pers. Comm.)

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