Site of Medieval Vicarage to W of Church

Two storey detached black and white medieval vicarage with thatched roof | Image courtesy of Gary Stocker, July 2020
Site of Medieval village, Cubbington
Image courtesy of Gary Stocker, July 2020
Description of this historic site

The site of a vicarage which was built in the Medieval period. A plan of the house was drawn up in 1721. It is situated to the west of the church.

Notes about this historic site

1 The first vicarage was a 14th century house situated towards the SW corner of the churchyard. A description and plan are given. These are copied from reference 2.
2 A house of five rooms, parlour, dairy, kitchen, pantry-buttery and brewhouse. Also outside features are represented. The plan indicates the boundary of the churchyard. On reverse a description mentions five garret-like rooms above.
3 A second plan titled ‘The draught for building the Vicarage House at Cubbington’ is in the same hand.

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