Site of Medieval Chapel at Chapel Green

Description of this historic site

The possible site of a Medieval chapel. The exact location of the chapel is unknown but it is thought to have existed somewhere in the area to the north of Chapel Green.

Notes about this historic site

1 Within Napton parish was a chapel of St Lawrence. A licence of 1392-3 granted to John Odams allowed him to hold divine services there.
2 Chapel Green at the S end of the village of Napton-on-the-Hill perhaps preserves the memory of the chapel of St Lawrence. John Odams was tenant of the prior of Coventry, who was ‘rector’ (i.e. owner of the tithes) of an estate in Napton.
3 The dedication is the same as that of the parish church.
4 In 1884 Matthew Bloxam states that ‘The site of this chapel is said to be known’. It was certainly lost 40 years later when Chapel Green Farm was purchased. The documentary evidence is scanty.
5 The chapel could have been in Dead Leys field at Chapel Green, although the name Chapel Green has not been traced before the Enclosure Act of 1779. It has been reported that skeletons have been dug up in Dead Leys (PRN 6213); could this have been the graveyard of the chapel?