Shakespeare Gardens, New Place

Description of this historic site

Shakespeare Gardens, an early 20th century garden created in 'Elizabethan' style. The garden is located on site of Shakespeare's last home, New Place, Stratford upon Avon.

Notes about this historic site

1 New Place, Shakespeare’s last home, was demolished 1759. Garden laid out in Elizabethan style in 1919-21 for the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust. The garden consists of the Knot Garden and the Great Garden. Contains Shakespeare Monument.
2 Notes topiary.
3 Shakespeare bought New Place in 1597, and probably died there in 1616. The original house was rebuilt 1700-1702, though a sketch exists of it. By the mid 18th century the site was a place of literary pilgrimage, but the occupant of that time, Rev Francis Gastrell, Canon of Lichfield, felled the mulberry tree supposed to have been planted by Shakespeare and then demolished the house in a dispute over poor rates levied on it.