Thickthorn Lodge, Kenilworth

Description of this historic site

Thickthorn Lodge, which was first built as a cottage in the Imperial period and was later extended into a three storey farmhouse. By 1830 it had become a mock Tudor country mansion with castellations, turrets and an elaborate gatehouse. It is situated to the south of Windy Arbour.

Notes about this historic site

1 On the edge of Kenilworth, Thickthorn Lodge began as a cottage, before becoming a three storey farmhouse, and in 1811, a ‘country mansion’ in the Mock-Tudor style with mock battlements and turrets.
2 The NE wing was demolished in the 1950s and that facade is concreted over: otherwise the building is as described and in quite good condition.
3 There are two aerial photographs of this site in Kenilworth Library.
5 “A mild-mannered Tudor Gothic”. It had a fanciful gatehouse but this no longer belongs to the house; it has stables and 4.5 acres of gardens.
6 Thickthorn Lodge. A castellated Tudor house of c1830. Elaborate gatehouse.

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