Roman settlement at Bubbenhall New Quarry, Glebe Farm

Description of this historic site

During an excavation gullies, pits and post holes of Roman date were found. The features suggest that this was an area of Roman settlement. It was situated to the south of Bubbenhall.

Notes about this historic site

1 WM surveyed, by fieldwalking, the area of a proposed new quarry in an area dense with prehistoric archaeology. Two worked flints were found, one fragment of Medieval pottery and one of Roman. Further examination was recommended.
2 Glebe Farm Quarry. A round house, oven, pits, enclosure ditches, pottery kiln, and a possible inhumation from a farmstead of the 2nd and 3rd centuries were excavated. Trial-trenching located the eastern edge of the settlement c20m to the east. [n.b. Grid ref in source is wrong, should probably be SP 360 718]
3 Continuing observation and excavation revealed more gullies, pits, and post-holes of the 2nd/3rd century R-B settlement. 170m to the SW was a second area of activity, hollows, gullies and pits.
4 Observation of topsoil stripping in 1996 at the NW corner of the quarry, north of the Roman settlement, revealed a single Roman field ditch, an Iron Age sherd, and remains of ridge and furrow.
5 Environmental samples taken from each of the four phases of excavation revealed charred plant remains comprising cereals, weed seeds and abundant chaff. These are indicative of food preparation on site and the use of chaff for kindling or fuel.

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