Site of a possible Roman settlement

Description of this historic site

Pottery, tile and a coin dating to the Roman period, which may represent a settlement site, has been found over several years, 700m north of Snowford Bridge.

Notes about this historic site

1 A small field bordering the River Itchen, and lying in the angle between the river and the railway, has regularly turned up Roman sherds when cultivated. Pottery was collected in 1981 and a small trial trench excavated, but waterlogging prevented the trench from being completed. The pottery includes Samian, black-burnished, grey ware and tile. Field work produced pottery from the fields to the W and E across the river.
3 A coin, potsherds and a tile fragment found at Hunningham House Farm in 1997. Grid reference for the pottery:SP391672, and SP390673 for the coin. Method of recovery unrecorded.

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