Roman Catholic Church of St Peter, Dormer Place, Leamington Spa

Description of this historic site

The Roman Catholic Church of St Peter was built during the Imperial period, it was completed in 1864 but in 1883 everything except the tower, burnt down. It was then rebuilt in red brick and it stands on Dormer Place.

Notes about this historic site

1 By Henry Clutton, 1861-5. A noble building, even now that it is deprived of the square spire on its slender SW tower. Brick, Early English, short, with a clerestory, small lancets, and a broad apse. High interior. Rose window in the S transept and some other windows with bar tracery.
2 Completed in 1864. Burnt down in 1883, except for the tower which had been put up in 1878, but was rebuilt in red brick with stone dressings in 1884.
4 Described.

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