Jephson Gardens

Jephson Gardens | Image courtesy of Gary Stocker.
Jephson Gardens
Image courtesy of Gary Stocker.
Description of this historic site

Jephson Gardens, established as a public garden in the Imperial period, were first known as Newbold Gardens. They are now named after Dr. Henry Jephson. Garden features include pathways, a lake and ornamental trees. They are situtated in Leamington Spa.Review of Register entry recommended by Lovie with view to expanding it to include those other parks and designed urban landscapes which form the 19th century landscape setting of the Spa.

Notes about this historic site

1 Public gardens, established 1836 as Newbold Gardens, laid out in 1846-48 and renamed after Dr Henry Jephson, 6ha. Site runs NE from Victoria Bridge to Willes Bridge, on N side of River Leam, and bounded by Newbold Terrace to N. West Lodges 1847 by D G Squirhill, East Lodge 1847 by J G Jackson. Hitchman Fountain 1868 by J Cundall at W end. Willes Obelisk, 1875, 80m to NE, by Cundall, and Jephson Memorial 1848-9 – circular temple by Squirhill, with statue of Dr Jephson by Peter Hollins 1848. Aviary, 1899 by F Foster, in centre of gardens. Gardens laid out by architect J G Jackson as public recreation ground, with lake and island to SW, slightly serpentine paths and fine ornamental trees in lawns, and putting green at NE end. Original planting supervised by the nurseryman John Cullis and maintained and extended by Mr Aylott, head gardener 1849-78. Notable examples of carpet bedding still maintained.

2 3 4 Lovie reports (1996/7) a well-maintained public park with bedding displays, good collection of trees and shrubs. Important contirbution to character of town. Buildings: temple, obelisk, 2 fountains, lake with fountains, aviary, loggia.

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