Post Medieval yard surface and boundary ditch

Description of this historic site

A Post Medieval Yard surface and boundary ditch were found at the former Hutfields Garage, Saltisford

Notes about this historic site

1 Evidence for 16th/17th century deposits, possibly associated with the leper hospital or almshouses were recorded in trench two. These included yard surfaces and possibly a ditch that appeared to have formed a boundary around the chapel. Both yard and ditch became redundant in the 19th century when the boundaries for new properties fronting Birmingham Road were installed. Building materials recoverd from the area probably belonged to structures of medieval or post medieval date, possibly part of the leper hospital, that were demolished at this time.
2 Residual sherd of 14th/15th century pottery recovered during archaeological observation of groundworks.
3 A similar surface was discovered by an evaluation in 2004 at the former Leper Hospital just to the west.

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