Post-medieval shoe-making activity at Harwood, Northend

Description of this historic site

Archaeological work revealed evidence of Post Medieval activity, possibly associated with shoe-making. The remains of a lean-to, a waste tank, a ditch, and a pit containing cobbler's waste were found. The site was on Bottom Street, Northend.

Notes about this historic site

1 Excavation of the foundation trenches revealed stone foundations running north from the north-east corner and centre of the north wall to the existing house. The eastern foundation formed the base of the wall of a lean-to along the north wall of the house. The base of one of the wooden posts which once supported the roof of the lean-to was also recorded. Another stone foundation was recorded and was associated with an oven. A vertical-sided pit produced fragments of cobbler’s waste such as leather shoe soles and a leather-covered wooden heel of the 18th century. These fragments of waste support evidence that ‘Harwood’ was a cobbler’s shop. A ditch was also recorded.

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