Possible Site of Shrunken/deserted Settlement South of Farnborough Church

Description of this historic site

Possibly shrunken post-medieval settlement or could also be a deserted medieval settlement associated with the earthworks to the south. A hollow way and several house platforms are visible as earthworks.

Notes about this historic site

1 A field adjacent to the church exhibits a wide variety of earthworks. Just outside the churchyard wall, platforms may be observed in both Garden Ground and the orchard adjoining. A hollow way divides the two fields, and it may be that here is a Medieval depopulation. However, on the OS map, original 6″, the orchard is marked as containing two smaller crofts, so this depopulation could be very much later.
3 The 1st Edition of the OS 6″ map does not appear to mark croft sites here.
4 A partial plan of the earthworks was undertaken by Stephen Wass. The field name where the earthworks can be found is taken from the 1772 estate survey and is a derivation of Oak Hill. A clearly defined holloway was surveyed along with possible house platforms and terraces.
5 A trench was excavated on the edge of one of the possible house platforms in order to date the abandonment of the building and to try and define its use. The ironstone rubble core of a foundation was revealed. Iron nails might indicate that the superstructure was timber-framed. The core contained early medieval pottery which may have been residual but does show occupation of the area at this time. The period of destruction was thought to coincide with the formation of the Park.
6 A less detailed (than 4) interpretation of the earthworks was made in 1976.
7 Further reference to the survey undertaken by Steven Wass, including earthwork plans.

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