Wincot Deserted Settlement to NW of Wincot Farm

Description of this historic site

Earthworks may indicate the remains of the Medieval/Post Medieval deserted settlement Wincot. The site is located 950m north east of RAF Long Marston.

Notes about this historic site

1 Land at Wincote is recorded in 1086. Five cottages held by William of Wincot in 1266 as part of Clifford Manor may have been in the hamlet of Wincot. By the early 17th century the Wincot estate included one cottage. A large farmhouse was built by 1672 and was later called Wincot Farm.
2 There were two houses here in 1768.
3 Some earthworks of an indeterminate nature were seen to the NW of Wincot Farm.
5 Some faint ?linear earthworks show on air photographs.