Neolithic Settlement 700m S of Wasperton

Description of this historic site

Evidence for a Neolithic settlement, including pits and postholes, was uncovered during an excavation. The site is 100m south west of the church at Wasperton.

Notes about this historic site

1 During the excavations at Wasperton evidence of a Neolithic settlement (N1) were uncovered. A single sherd of Peterborough ware was found in a subcircular pit. The pit occured amongst Iron Age features. In another area a pit and posthole produced 20 sherds of a single Mortlake bowl. Other isolated pits and postholes in this area may also be Neolithic. These, together with the Group 1 polished stone axe found in 1981, point to at least small-scale settlement and forest clearance at Wasperton in the late Neolithic. Also plan showing location of Neolithic settlement (N1).

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