Moor Hall Moat, Wixford.

Description of this historic site

Moor Hall Moat, a wide ditch usually surrounding a building. It dates from the Medieval period, and parts of it are still visible as an earthwork. It is situated at Moor Hall, Broom.

Notes about this historic site

1 All around Moor Hall are traces of a large moat and adjoining NE of it faint traces of another, beyond which are artificial banks which probably surrounded fishponds (PRN 6293).
2 The surrounding fields were under crop and no remains of a second moat or fishponds were evident.
3 Little of the moat survives. The N arm is still extant and forms a pond. The remains of the W arm are discernible in the field, no trace of the S or E sides remain.
4 The moat was about 70m by 83m and the surviving ditch is 8m wide and 2m deep. There are signs of stone and brick revetment along the inner N side of the moat and this part still holds water. There is a possible fishpond to the SE (PRN 6293).

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