Possible Moat to West of Northbrook, Fulbrook.

Description of this historic site

The site of a possible moat surrounding a former manor house. It would have dated to the Medieval period, and only faint traces remain as an earthwork. It is situated 300m north west of Northbrook Spinney, Fulbrook.

Notes about this historic site

1 Norbrook house ‘is a modern structure of two gables, but it stands on the site of an ancient moated grange or manor-house… The site of the moat can yet be traced.’
2 At Northbrook SW of the modern house are the shallow remains of the SW angle of another moat. Here stood the manor house of the Grants, a centre of Catholic disaffection in the reigns of Elizabeth and James I.
3 The pond is wide, shallow and irregular in shape. It is too fragmentary to be classified as a moat and there is no evidence that it was ever of any greater extent.
4 At first sight the pond could be regarded as traces of a moat, but on closer examination there is no evidence that it was ever more than a pond.
5 Documentary evidence indicates that the manor house at Northbrook was moated (see PRN 847) and it seems probable that this pond is the remains of a moat. Reference 1 adds further support to this.
6 Map of Northbrook Farm showing field boundaries, field names and sizes as at 1813. Scale is in chains.

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