Iron Age/Romano-British Enclosures at Frankton

Description of this historic site

A D-Shaped enclosure of Iron Age date and a circular enclosure of Romano-British date were found during an excavation. The site was located 100m east of Larch Spinney.

Notes about this historic site

1 The most southerly part of cropmark SMR 3173, appears to align with a curving ditch, and have a southern entrance or causeway. Pottery from this feature may be a burial urn although no burial was identified. On the east side of the D-shaped enclosure was a ring ditch and an integral spur designed to link with the enclosure. Pottery dates this to the Iron Age and with a possible domestic function.
2 A D shaped enclosure orientated north-east to south-west was partially exposed on the western side of the excavation are. Severn sherds of Iron Age Pottery were recovered. Part of a presumed circular gully was exposed on ther estern side of the excavated area. The ditch appeared to have been contempoary with a spur gully that extended to the west towards the D-shaped enclosure ditch. These two features are now interpreted as being of Romano-British date.

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