Moat 100m S of Church, Billesley.

Description of this historic site

A Medieval moat, a wide ditch usually surrounding a building. The moat survives as an earthwork and it lies 100m to the south of the church at Billesley.

Notes about this historic site

1 S of the church is a moat of which three sides containing water still remain. The inner faces of the arms retain rubble walling and there are traces of former banks to the N and S. The W arm was destroyed for a roadway to the church.
2 A very fine moated manor house site, the former house of the Trussells.
4 Three arms remain well-preserved and waterfilled. The platform must at one time have been at least 30m x 30m with a ditch several metres wide and 2m deep. The limestone walls are no longer prominent, retaining a height of under 0.5m
5 Noted in moats survey.

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