Horeston Grange Moat, Nuneaton.

Description of this historic site

Horeston Grange Moat, a wide ditch that usually surrounded a building, dating to the Medieval period. The moat is visible as an earthwork and is situated 500m north of Attleborough Fields Industrial Estate, Nuneaton.

Notes about this historic site

1 The site is now crossed by the railway line to Leicester, and no traces of the house survive except a dry moat.
2 A wet moat with N entrance enclosed buildings in 1835. 1951: There are no visible building remains to be seen, except a scatter of brick and tiles within the N enclosure. 1967: Earthwork remains, generally ditches, indicate one large, manorial complex, not two separate moats; there is no longer any surface evidence of buildings.
4 Noted in moats survey.

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