Fishponds 100m S of Billesley Hall

Description of this historic site

Fishponds which were used for breeding and storing fish. They are Post Medieval in date and are visible as earthworks. The fish ponds lie 100m to the south of Billesley Hall.

Notes about this historic site

Earthworks of Post Medieval fishponds.

1 In the lawn S of the house is a circular fishpond, and away to the S are the remains of a former moat.
2 The ‘moat’ consists of four square ponds so that a cross-shaped wedge of land is left dividing them. Each pond is interconnected by streams below the dividing banks, the whole being fed by the main stream flowing E-W. The SW pond contains a stone-built dam. It is more likely these ponds served as ornamental fishponds and their construction is probably contemporary with the house, ie early C17.

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