Medieval Building 50m S of Chapel Green Farm

Description of this historic site

The remains of a Medieval building were found during the excavation at this multi-period site. It was situated at Chapel Green, Napton on the Hill.

Notes about this historic site

1 The hollow way in Bays Green (PRN 6213) bifurcates, and at the N bifurcation earthworks indicate a courtyard type of building; this was confirmed by a strong parch mark in 1976. The N end extends into Chapel Green Orchard, where it appears as a simple raised platform, 20 by 10m. An area 13 by 10m was stripped by Southam District Local History Society from 1973-7. Iron Age and Roman occupation was found (PRN 6161-6162). In the Medieval period a building about 4m square was erected. There was no sign of a hearth and it could have been a barn with stone foundations. The building was destroyed and one wall robbed in the Post Medieval period (PRN 6216). The demolition left a rubble platform which was used in the 17th/18th century as an area of hard standing. Medieval pottery, a bone needle, two spindle whorls were found.

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