Napton Junction to N of Napton

Description of this historic site

Napton Junction on the Grand Union Canal, dating from the Imperial period. It is located 200m to the southeast of the southern tip of Napton Reservoirs.

Notes about this historic site

1 When first promoted in 1792 the canal which here joins the Oxford was known as the Warwick and Braunston Canal as that was to be the junction. It was surveyed to both Braunston and Napton in 1793 as the committee were uncertain whether to join the Oxford Canal or the Grand Junction directly. Charles Handley, surveyor, suggested in 1795 that the company could save £50,000 out of an authorised £130,000 if the line of the canal were altered from Offchurch to accomadate a junction at Napton rather than Braunston. Thus the junction, and name, was altered.

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