Lillington Medieval Settlement

Description of this historic site

The possible extent of the medieval settlement of Lillington based on documentary evidence.

Notes about this historic site

1 The possible extent of the medieval settlement based on the OS map of 1887, 33NE.
2 Lillington is listed in Domesday in Stoneleigh Hundred. The Phillimore edition gives a grid ref of 3367 which varies slightly from this record.
Ref 16,50 In Lillington 4 hides. Land for 4 ploughs. In lordship 1; 4 slaves. 2 villagers and 3 smallholders with 1 plough. A mill at 6s 8d; meadow 9 acres; woodland 1 league long and 1/2 wide. The value was 20s; now 40s.
3 The 1887 map shows a hamlet built around the rectangle created by the parallel streets of Farm Road and Manor Road; it looks like town planning. The church dates from the medieval period, and in 1086 the value was not negligeable, so there must have been depopulation. There is no ridge and furrow plotting to help.

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