Iron Age linear feature NE of Dean's Green

Description of this historic site

A linear feature is visible as an earthwork which forms part of the Hobditch Causeway and dates to the Iron Age. It is probably part of a boundary and is situated north east of Dean's Green.

Notes about this historic site

1 From Waterloo Cottages to Pinks Farm this bank is on the boundary of the parishes of Nuthurst and Beaudesert. A section of the bank just N of Pinks Farm is now being excavated. From Pinks Farm to the Stratford Road the course is as yet uncertain, but would appear to follow hedge alignment or a rather slight terrace-way.
2 1970: A section was cut across an earthwork constructed of hard-packed stones and large sandstone blocks. The main ditch could have been on the SE side, although this was not excavated. Ditches on the NW side produced Medieval pottery. The ditches on the NW side were probably natural drainage channels. In the field S of the excavation (SP1469) a line of gravel about 1.8m wide running parallel to the bank was turned up by ploughing. It is possible that the boundary represents the beginning of Medieval emparkment.
3 From SP1469 to SP1469 a bank forms a field boundary. It is a few metres wide and about 1m high. It has recently been cut into by ploughing.
4 Despite the comments in reference 2 the bank lies on the course of Hobditch and is presumably part of the alignment.
5 Noted by Ordnance Survey.

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