Halford Medieval Settlement

Description of this historic site

The possible extent of the Medieval settlement of Halford, as suggested by the Ordnance Survey map of 1886.

Notes about this historic site

1 The possible extent of the Medieval settlement, based on the first edition 6″ maps of 1886, 50SE and 51SW.
2 Halford is not listed in the Domesday survey.
3 The 1886 maps show quite a concentrated village with areas of occupation bounded by lanes and most of the plots lying between the Stour and the Fosse. The church dates to the C12th [WA2264]. There was a medieval ford [WA 2289] from which the village is named, and there remains the site of a possible castle and motte[WA2287] SAM 21668. It seems surprising that there wasn’t a taxeable village in 1086.The ridge and furrow plotting of the parish shows survival to the north and east that comes close to the settlement or abuts it.

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