Site of Iron Age Settlement on Grimstock Hill

Description of this historic site

The site of an Iron Age settlement which was located 500m north east of Gilson Hall. It was found during an archaeological excavation.

Notes about this historic site

1 Occupation began in 1st century AD and late Iron Age and early Roman pottery have been found.
2 W of the wooden temple, and pre-dating it, was a circular building 12m in diameter, with a central hearth. It is probably one of a number of early Roman or pre-Roman buildings overlain by the Roman temple.
3 Four further round buildings have been excavated within the temple temenos. Clay loomweights, querns, and hand-made pottery have been found with them. Of the same general phase were a ditch and palisade gully. The period of occupation of the buildings is uncertain. Flavian Samian occurs and although the hand-made pottery may be earlier it is not necessarily pre-Roman. Of the five buildings no more than three could be contemporary. They have eaves-drip gullies for structures with turf walls. Two of the buildings may have had external porches. The field system to the S probably has its origin in this period. The site may represent a series of farmhouses perhaps rebuilt by successive generations on slightly different sites. Quern stones, loomweights and spindle-whorls probably indicate a mixed economy.
4 Plan.
5 Interim report.
6 There seems to be some doubts expressed as to the extent of definitively ‘Iron Age’ structures at Grimstock; although problems with absolute dating are acknowledged. There is doubt whether the earliest phases of ritual activity were contemporary with the later roundhouse phases.

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