Furnace End Bridge, Over Whitacre.

Description of this historic site

Furnace End Bridge, a road bridge which was originally a packhorse bridge and which dates to the Medieval period. It is situated at Furnace End.

Notes about this historic site

3 A packhorse bridge of 14th century or 15th century date, 1.3m wide, having a round arch with 4 chamfered ribs. It was widened to the S in the 17th century and again in 1925.
6 The first few feet of the N end of the arch contain the 4 chamfered ribs which represent the remains of the Medieval bridge. 1976, no changes.
8 Bridge has been widened and the parapet renewed. The arch is segmental and has 4 ribs with splayed angles. This is unusual for the district and suggests an early date. The original bridge is only visible on the N downstream side, as a single red sandstone arch. It spans 7m and is about 10.5m wide, including extensions. Originally the bridge was about 1.2m wide.
9 Photograph.
10 Early undated Ancient Monuments record.
11 Early undated map showing the scheduled area.

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