Mesolithic Finds 300m SE of Over Whitacre House

Description of this historic site

A flint scatter of Mesolithic date, which was made up of very many different flint artefacts, was found 800m south east of Over Whitacre.

Notes about this historic site

1 Class 1 Mesolithic site examined. Finds include 219 scrapers, 284 microliths, thirteen microburins and 77 burins. Numerous flakes, cores, potboilers, waste etc. There appears to be two distinct areas to this flint scatter.
2 Mesolithic flints collected on a number of occasions. 66 cores, 74 scrapers, 180 microliths, a number of unretouched blades/flakes, six gravers, six microburins and other flints.
3 The site is defined by a dense artefact scatter occupying an area of 100 x 100m or less, within a more general spread of artefacts on adjacent ploughed land. The assemblage is typically late mesolithic (7th millennium BC).

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