Site of Possible Ring Ditch 300m NE of Mill

Description of this historic site

The site of a possible ring ditch dating to the Neolithic or Bronze Age period which was excavated. It was situated 300m north east of Baginton Bridge.

Notes about this historic site

2 Probable Neolithic/Bronze age ring ditch shows on air photographs. A second possible example also shows.
4 1968: Rescue excavation of a ring ditch in advance of bypass construction. The site is on a gently rising hillock just above the flood plain. A 22.5m diameter ring ditch was revealed. Over three quarters of the ditch was emptied, but no artefacts found in the ditch fill. The ditch had a rounded profile and was 1.62m wide at the top and approximately 0.6m deep. This ring ditch could be contemporary with Neolithic hollows excavated on the site (PRN 2672), but a Beaker or Bronze Age date is more likely.
5 Plan.

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